What Is Bubble Tea?

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Why is it called Bubble Tea?
Bubble tea originated in Taiwan in the late 1980s and is named for the tapioca balls or “bubbles” that settle on the bottom of the cup. Little foamy “bubbles” also settle on top of the drink when we shake it up to mix the flavors. This is why it is still a “Bubble Tea” whether or not you “jack it up” with the tapioca balls or any other add-on that “bursts your bubble.”


2) Is “Bubble Tea” by any other name still “Bubble Tea?”
Bubble tea is the canopy that covers all of the various names of this popular drink. Whether you call it Boba Tea, Pearl Tea or Bubble Tea it is a MIGHTea drink that is far from the typical iced tea that most people are familiar with.


3) What is a Traditional Bubble Tea drink?
A traditional Bubble Tea is made milky or fruity. It is your choice to “tea it up” any way you like it and then be creative by choosing the flavors that you savor.


4) What are the “Bubbles” made from?
The traditional bubble tea uses black tapioca balls! These add-ons are chewy and slightly sweet. These MIGHTea gems are made from tapioca starch and have almost no distinct taste, allowing you to savor the flavor combinations in your tea. There are also bursting bobas available that provide a splash of flavor and enhance the flavor combinations of a fruity tea.


5) Does Bubble Tea have sugar?
The traditional Bubble Tea is sweetened but it has less sugar than a typical soft drink.


6) What is the ALMIGHTea?
We are currently experimenting with a variety of popular products to create a unique ALMIGHTea blend.


7) How do I order a Bubble tea?
Step 1: “Size it up.” We offer two sizes, MIGHTea and teany.
Step 2: “Tea it up” by selecting a milky or fruity base.
Step 3: “Mix it up” by selecting flavor combinations.
Step 4: “Sweeten it up” by selecting your sugar level.
Step 5: “Jack it up” when you select add-ons to your drink.
Step 6: “Drink it up” through a fat straw!
Step 7: Enjoy and be MIGHTea!