Bubble Tea!
Iced Teany (16oz): $3.50 (includes 1 add-in)
Iced MighTea (24oz): $4.50 (includes 1 add-in)
Smoothie (24oz):  $5.50 (includes 1 add-in)
Milkshake Teany:  $4.50
Milkshake MighTea:  $5.50
Bubble Tea!

The foundation of your drink!  Pick from Green Tea, Black Tea, Decaf Tea or just use water if you prefer!
Try them all!

Pick a Flavor!

We have over 30 flavors of Milk Teas and Fruit Teas to tailor your drink to your individual tastes!

View our flavors!

Pick Add-Ins!

Personalize your drink with add-ins like traditional boba, popping pearls and more!

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Teany (16oz.) or MighTea (24oz.)

Hot Drinks!

Mini (16oz.) or Mighty (20oz.)

Delicious Gelato!


We offer a variety of flavors of delicious gelato from Geneva Gelato!

Mini (3oz.): $3.50 | MighTea (6oz.): $6.00

Baked Treats!

Baked Treats

A fantastic selection of fresh baked goods, including breads, muffins, cookies and more!

Select items are from Sweet Blessings in Shortsville and
Oak Hill Bakery in Penn Yan!

Menu options vary by location.